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Seattle Traffic Cameras & Flow Map  
Check Seattle traffic flow and view traffic snapshots. Simply click on a camera location in the map to view a traffic snapshot. The map is updated approximately every 1.5 minutes. Use your browser's refresh/reload button to get the latest image.

Map of Seattle Traffic Camera Locations
I5/Ebey Slough N I5/Ebey Slough S I5/Marine View Drive N I5/Marine View Drive S US2 Trestle US2/SR204 Interchange US2/SR9 Interchange (North) US2/SR9 Interchange (South) I5/Pacific Ave I5/41st St SE I5/Lowell Rd SR525/Mukilteo Ferry Terminal SR525/76th St SW SR525/Paine Field Blvd SR525/Beverly Park Rd I5/SR526 Interchange I5 (South)/112th St SW I5 (North)/112th St SE I5/128th St SW SR525/SR99 Interchange I5/148th St SW I5/164th St SW SR527/164th St SE I5/I405 Interchange (Alderwood) I405 (South)/204th St SE, Southbound I405 (North)/204th St SE, Northbound I405/Filbert Rd (SR524) I5/212th St SW I405/SR527 I5/220th St SW SR522 (South)/Paradise Lake Rd SR522 (north)/Paradise Lake Rd I5/236th St SW I5/NE 195th St I5/NE 175th St I5/Northgate Way (NE 110th St) I5/NE 85th St I5/Roanoke St I5/Mercer St I5/Pine St I5/I90 Interchange I5/Holgate St I5/Spokane St SR99/Michigan St SR99/W Marginal Way I5/Boeing Access Rd SR99/SR518 (West) SR99/SR518 (East) SR99/SR518 (South) I5/S 178th St I5/S 188th St I5/S 200th St I5/SR516 I5/S 260th St I5/S 320th St I5/SR18 Interchange SR18/Weyerhaeuser Way SR18/West Valley Hwy SR522/68th Ave NE SR522/Ballinger Way (SR 104) I5/NE 145th St I5/Lake City Way I5/NE 45th St SR520/Montlake Blvdd SR520 Midspan I5/Yesler Way I90/18th Ave S (near Rainier Ave) I90 Midspan I5/Albro Pl I5/Mid Boeing Field I5/Duwamish River I5/SR599 I5/Southcenter I405/West Valley Highway I405/SR167 Interchange I5/S 288th St I5/Enchanted Parkway I5/S 375th St I405/NE 195th St I405/SR522 Interchange I405/NE 160th St I405/NE 132nd St I405/NE 124th St (Totem Lake) I405/NE 116th St I405/NE 85th St I405/NE 53rd St SR520/Redmond Way (SR 202) SR520/West Lake Sammamish Parkway SR202/E Lake Sammamish Pkwy SR520/NE 51st St I405/SR520 Interchange SR520/124th Ave NE SR520/148th Ave NE SR520/Bellevue Way (104th Ave NE) SR520/92nd Ave NE East end of SR520 Floating Bridge I405/NE 8th St I405/SE 8th St I405/SE 20th St (near I90) I90/Bellevue Way I90/76th Ave SE I90/Luther Burbank Park I90/I405 Interchange I90/142nd Ave SE (near Eastgate) I90/West Lake Sammamish Pwy I90/SR900 I90/Sunset Way I405/Coal Creek Parkway I405/112th Ave SE I405/SE 64th St I405/NE 44th St I405/N 30th St I405/NE Park Dr I405/Sunset Blvd I405/SR169 SR167/S 180th St SR167/S 222nd St SR167/84th Ave S SR167/SR516 (Willis St) SR516/SR18 SR167/S 277th St Sr167/15th St NW Tacoma traffic flow map & cameras | Tacoma traffic flow map & cameras | Metro Bellevue WA | City of Seattle traffic cameras Bellevue traffic flow map & cameras | Metro Bellevue WA Express lanes information 92nd Ave NE video file SR 516 video file 15th St NW video file S 320th St video file S 188th St video file I-90 Midspan video file SR 169 video file Albro Pl video file SR 520 Midspan video file Mercer St video file NE 45th St video file 236th St SW video file SR 526 video file SR 527 video file I-405 - Totem Lake video file SE 8th St video file US 2 Trestle US 2/SR 204 Interchange S 288th St S 260th St S 200th St S 178th St Southcenter SR 599 Duwamish River Boeing Access Road Mid Boeing Field Spokane St Holgate St Yesler Way Pine St Roanoke St Lake City Way NE 85th St Northgate Way (NE 110th St) NE 145th St NE 175th St NE 195th St 220th St SW 212th St SW 164th St SW 148th St SW 128th St SW SB @ 112th St SE NB @ 112th St SE I-5/I-90 Interchange 18th Ave S (Near Rainier Ave) 76th Ave SE Bellevue Way I-90/I-405 Interchange 142nd Ave SE (Near Eastgate) West Lake Sammamish Parkway SR 900 Sunset Way SR 99 at W Marginal Way SR 99 at Michigan St S 277th St SR 516 (Willis St) 84th Ave S S 180th St S 222nd St West Valley Highway I-405/SR 167 Interchange Sunset Blvd Park Dr N 30th St NE 44th St SE 64th St 112th Ave SE Coal Creek Parkway SE 20th St (Near I-90) NE 8th St I-405/SR 520 Interchange NE 53rd St NE 85th St NE 116th St NE 132nd St NE 160th St I-405/SR 522 Interchange NE 195th St 204th St SE, SB 204th St SE, NB Filbert Rd (SR 524) I-5/I-405 Interchange (Alderwood) SR 516 at SR 18 Montlake Boulevard East end of the SR 520 Floating Bridge Bellevue Way (104th Ave NE) 124th Ave NE 148th Ave NE NE 51st St West Lake Sammamish Parkway Redmond Way (SR 202) Ballinger Way (SR 104) 68th Ave NE Paradise Lake Rd (Looking South) Paradise Lake Rd (Looking North) SR 99 at SR 518 (west) SR 99 at SR 518 (south) SR 99 at SR 518 (east) Pacific Ave Marine View Dr (south) Marine View Dr (north) Ebey Slough (south) Ebey Slough (north) SR 99 Interchange Mukilteo Ferry Terminal 76th St SW S 375th St Enchanted Parkway I-5/SR 18 Interchange

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