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2008 Haute Picks - Best of Downtown Bellevue | Metro Bellevue WA
2008 Haute Picks - Best of Downtown Bellevue | Metro Bellevue WA
2008 Haute Picks Winners!
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Eastside Business Awards
2008 Eastside Business Award Winners
The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce began the Eastside Business Awards Program 19 years ago to recognize and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and business successes of Bellevue and the Eastside. The Eastside Business Awards honor the outstanding businesses that uphold a strong commitment to quality, community and innovation.

The 2008 award winners are:

Eastside Business of the Year
Redmond WA
Non-Profit/Community Impact
Kindering Center
Bellevue WA
Eastside Emerging Business
Bellevue WA
Eastside Small Business
Kirkland WA
Spirit of the Eastside
Ruby Slipper Guide
Bellevue WA
Visit Bellevue Chamber of Commerce for more information.
View complete list of Eastside Business Awards finalists and winners.
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